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Equippers Kids

We believe that Jesus commanded us to "Let the little children come to Him", then He used them as an example of who we should be.

This is the model that seek to empower our kids with- go to Jesus, then let Jesus use you to show the world what they can be. No child is too small to meet Jesus, or show those around them that they can be better.

We have a kids service every Sunday! The Nursery is open at the start of worship and is available for children from 6mo- potty trained. Preschoolers and Elementary children go to their classes after two songs of worship then go to worship with each other in their kids space.



Equipping young people for life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Every Thursday night @ 6:30pm @ The Estuary (1375 E Grand Ave Ste 106 Arroyo Grande)



Men's Ministry

Our vision is to see the lives of our community members transformed by the love of Jesus being displayed by the men of Equippers Church. We are on a mission to serve people in need within our families and communities; build community through relating authentically to one another; and teach younger generations of men through the experiences and stories of previous ones. Learn more about our monthly breakfast events and bonfires. You can also join us on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/equippersccmensgroup/


Like Nehemiah, we are called to rebuild the walls. Our call is to rebuild lives, one woman at a time...as we build, rebuild or support each woman, they are strengthened, families are strengthened and our communities are restored. (Isaiah 61:4) Purposes and destinies are discovered and embraced. We expect to see real change that impacts and inspires our community and the world.

We strive for Unity and are committed to providing an atmosphere of connection, safety and acceptance. Our heart is one of grace, grace that connects and includes all women. There is a place for you here and that it is a place of safety.

We don't do "church as usual" but instead follow diligently after the heart of God in creating opportunities and events for our women that are fresh from His heart to us. We seek to follow the Spirit of God in His intention for us, walking side by side in Him.

We are lovers of His presence and love to love on each other. Come join us!

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Align Inner Healing

Whether you need a slight adjustment, a healing of hurts, or a major deliverance, we are here to help you align with God’s order and provision and come to the place of freedom that Jesus has purchased for you. As you receive from the Lord, you will have a deeper revelation of your true identity as a son or daughter of a loving Father God, and emerge more empowered to fulfill your God-ordained destiny. We will give you the tools to further your progress towards acquiring your full inheritance, and, if you desire, train you to enable others to do the same.