As a church there are a few things we are absolutely certain of. The greatest of these is that God is really good. He’s so good that He continues to surpass our expectations. He’s been so generous to us as Shouts of Grace Church and the journey over the last 12 years has been beyond what we could’ve ever asked or imagined. We have outgrown locations, fulfilled vision statements, and stayed flexible in mission. “Embracing the Fullness of God” lead to “Inspiring Locally, Impacting Globally” and now “Equipping People for Life Through Faith In Jesus Christ.” Through the latest transition of vision we felt we need to have a community expression that was stronger than a prophetic expression which has lead us to become a beautifully diverse and passionate church body. By His complete goodness He has lead us to where we now stand.

Experts say that there comes a point in every human life or organization where the beckoning of a new season leaves no room for the systems or habits that were the vehicle of progress to that point. There comes a moment where we are faced with a choice. 

We’re currently facing this choice as a church and we’ve decided we don’t want to die wondering what could’ve been if we would have stepped out of the boat into uncharted waters fully trusting that the God who started a good work in us would continue to be faithful until the day he comes again. 

So what does that look like for Shouts of Grace?

It looks like Equippers Central Coast. A name change? Yes but so much more than just a name change. 

We believe that significant ministry flows out of significant relationships and our relationship with Equippers Churches around the world is something that cannot be ignored. It’s a very significant relationship that has awakened something in us that has allowed us to dream bigger, reach farther, and provide a new vehicle to access the promises of God for the Central Coast of California and beyond. So let’s do this! 

We would love for you to join us on this journey of riding the wave of God’s goodness. It’s been pretty exciting so far but the best days are ahead of us!